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September 12, 2011

Berlin Landscapes Gallery


Whilst residing in Berlin for the past ten years, Carl Albrecht has been soaking up all the inspiration this city has to offer. As an painter, 3d artist, producer and photographer, Berlin plays a mayor role in all his creative works. It comes as no surprise then that his photography mainly consists of landscapes and panoramic shots of the city he has come to call home. Born and bred in Cape Town, Carl painted his first large oil painting at the age of 16. Three years later he traveled to Europe for the first time to visit galleries in London, Paris, Munich, Basil and Amsterdam. Inspired by his first contact with the original works of the old master painters, he returned to Cape Town in 1996 to cultivate a unique style of portrait painting. Confident with his painting skills, Carl took up cell animation, studied design and eventually 3d animation. In October 2001 he moved to Berlin. Overwhelmed by inspiration Carl painted a series of 5 portraits titled “Strangers on a Train” in 2003 and soon thereafter took up photography as a hobby for the first time. The subjects vary but his love for Berlin is apparent in his many wide format landscapes, often the images are stitched together, sometimes heavily edited and slightly distorted.


About the Author

Denise is a Guyanese-born, New York City raised, Berliner. She is a dreamer, writer, activist who sometimes bakes.



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