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October 5, 2011

Heard & Seen @ Blaze

After a successful premiere in London’s West End, and sold out tours in the UK and the Netherlands, Blaze The Show started its world tour here in Berlin. Bringing together 12 of the most talented street- and breakdancers in the world t with some of the hottest names in choreography.

At the Admiralspalast Theater in Mitte, Blaze brought the art of street dance to the stage to the amazement of everyone that saw them.

About the Author

Denise is a Guyanese-born, New York City raised, Berliner. She is a dreamer, writer, activist who sometimes bakes.



Murs & Fashawn

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The Coup Was Worth It

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Glimpses of Splash

Here is a visual synopsis of all the goodness that was to be seen at this year’s Splash hip-hop festival.  The music comes from Kiko King and Creative Maze of Airbender Music. Artists like MF Doom, Aesop Rocky, De LA Sou...
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