Why Everyone Hates America.

Because the USA is like that popular girl in high school, you know the one that all the boys liked. The one that acted all goody two shoes even though she smoked in the bathroom. She is a lie.  People rave about her fashion sense when really they are just happy to see how fabric falls on her body because the clothes are cheap.  The other girls try to wear them but the colors run in the wash making them look like homeless rainbow brites.  This means that Miss Pretty Face does not wash her clothes.  She is dirty.

Everything drips with significance when she walks into a room as if her superficial movements were hieroglyphic clues.  All the girls smile and nod at Joe but when she does it, he writes a poem and slips it into her locker. And Joe is practically illiterate.  It does not matter because she will not care.  She is the sorry reason that Joe may never love again.

She has a 500 word vocabulary and 100 of them can only be found in the urban dictionary because she is certain that she is the voice of a generation although she has nothing to say.  But the teachers don’t care and melt in the face of her beauty, classroom manners and quick answers. Answers that fill up a head that has no room for questions.

All these eyes on her create a centrifugal affect, concentrating and increasing the importance of her existence. Even your hatred fuels her greatness and those who feign ambivalence dream of her at night.  All of her flaws break the promises that her beauty makes. She has the power to betray without engaging.

She does not know your name.

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