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Swedish Minister of Culture celebrating with ”n*g*er cake”

5 Ways To Eat Your Racist Cake & Have It Too

Today, Sweden got put on the map with a viral-ready, documented display of obvious racism and obliviousness. Source The whole scene can’t get worse.  It is like a racist nightmare: They are all laughing! It is like they ...
by denise


Euro Hipster

Hipster has pretty much turned into a meaningless term that people use to describe cool-looking people that annoy them.  It is assumed that these people have nothing going on besides their next American Apparel order, making ...
by denise


Lasers – Lupe Fiasco

Lasers, the new album by  Lupe Fiasco came at a hard time in my life emotionally.  I never thought that the album would be relevant to me emotionally when I started to listen but it was because Lupe has chosen to be honest ab...
by denise



Berlinale Blackness

A guide to movies in the 2012 Berlinale featuring people from the African diaspora. I am thrilled at about the new black films that I’ve seen recently.  Sundance was full of treasures this year like Pariah, Red Hook Summ...
by denise


Michael Thompson aka Freestylee

Thompson aka Freestylee was inspired to paint his first poster in response to the injustice of the Green Bay Massacare in Jamaica. Since then his technique has shifted to digital creations but social justice and Jamaican cultur...
by denise



A Lesson on Connecting to Berlin: Aloe Blacc

When I went to The do-Over yesterday, I was not sure what I would find. The party lists itself as a backyard-styled barbecue/party and that is exactly what it was. Even though I was surrounded by people who looked like they wer...
by denise