A Lesson on Connecting to Berlin: Aloe Blacc

When I went to The do-Over yesterday, I was not sure what I would find. The party lists itself as a backyard-styled barbecue/party and that is exactly what it was. Even though I was surrounded by people who looked like they were in a commercial for how to be cooler than me, I found myself kicking a leg up and enjoying myself in no time. This was in part due to the easy-going yet plugged-in style of hosting done by Aloe Blacc.

His hit song, “I need a Dollar” blew up the radio here in Germany a while ago. A few follow-ups that came my way through Okay Player made it clear to me that Blacc was a true talent – ready to bring show-stopping production and his soulful voice to every track. A cursory google can reveal that he is also a marketing pionier, on the forefront of linking well-known brands to artists. It is no surprise that Blacc connects the dots so easily because upon meeting him, one can tell that he has no huge ego clouding his vision. He is accessible, down-to earth and more often than most, in Berlin.

Blacc offers an example of some ways artists from afar can quickly and effectively connect to the artistic community in Berlin.

1. Connect with a local group. Blacc has connected with Made, an artistic collective in the heart of Berlin, to perform, host other performances and sit for the interview below.


2. Produce or host an event. Blacc brought his do-over party to Berlin yesterday. Below he talks about his vision for the do-over.

3. Release good work. Nothing reaches Berlin faster than good art. Check out Blacc in his “Tonight Downtown” single.

4. Tour Europe. Blacc has announced his European tour dates and although there are no Berlin dates (yet), he has not forgotten Germany. While many of us Berliners will get on the fast train to see him, we are hoping that he squeezes Berlin into his schedule. He has shown us a lot of love and can expect it in return.

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