The Reggae Movement Gallery

We stumbled on The Reggae Movement exhibition at Yaam last weekend and were fortunate to see the exhibition in its final days.  The images were made by Jamaican artist, Michael Thompson who goes by the name Freestylee on twitter.  Thompson was inspired to paint his first poster in response to the injustice of the Green Bay Massacare in Jamaica.

Since then his technique has shifted to digital creations but  social justice and Jamaican culture remain driving influences in his work.  Michael Thompson was in town to accompany his powerful exhibition at YAAM and The Mic Movement was lucky enough to catch up with him for a video interview which will soon be posted. In the meantime, enjoy the powerful images created by Michael Thompson. Many but not all are from The Reggae Movement exhibition.  All images are copyright Michael Thompson.

Soundsystem: From Jamaica
to Europe 1950-1995

The soundsystem is at the heart of the reggae movement.
In word, music and pictures, the exhibition follows the story of
the soundsystem from Jamaica in the 1950s to the UK in the 60s
and 70s, and then to Europe. The soundsystems gave birth to ska,
rocksteady, reggae, dub, dancehall, hip-hop, jungle and drum and
bass – and taught nations and generations how to dance! source



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