A Filmmaker in Berlin

For my entire life I have had an affinity for many dramatic arts. At an early age movies drove me in ways I would later discover to my everyday passion and mission. I believe that facing the challenges of making an idea come to life on the silver screen is one of the most exciting stages of the filmmaking process.

Filmmaking is a combination of talents: storytelling, directing, acting, lighting, production design, camera work, and producing. These skills must all come together like an assortment of unique colors on a painter’s palet in order to create a world on canvas, we as filmmakers do on screen.

Collaboration can transform an idea into something tangible. Yet the search continues for more and more resources. People. People can make anything happen. I only hope to add to what people can do as individuals, and like the collaborators on a film set, come together and form a unique group. A group that is a society onto it’s self. One that unites to tell a story that hopefully will influence the world to be a better place.

This years 2012, Black International Film Festival was enlightening, inspiring, and thrilling. A wonderful group of people, most rare, organized the festival to have a perfect asumbelation of diverse films, that were not only entertaining but extremely educational. I myself had a film called Sabonia screened; A fantasy- short, based on a series of feature length screenplays. The day of the screening was a high I will never forget. Nor will I ever forget the other artists I’ve met at the festival, facing similar challenges to develop their work.

Photos from Sabonia

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