Call for Submissions

The Mic Movement is in the beginning stages of development and we are looking for contributors who can join our team of contributors. We aim to provide content that is fresh and relevant to art and life in Berlin. If you have read our mission and feel inspired to lend your talents to this project, please contact us at We welcome all submissions.

Submission Guidelines

1.  The Mic Movement is a multiracial, multicultural audience.  When crafting your piece, keep in mind that people from a lot of different backgrounds will read this, and ensure that the piece is easy to follow and understand.

2.  Although we are pretty informal here, ee use the Elements of Style and the AP Stylebook as loose guides. So right well : )

3. Reviews should be more or less timely.

4. We do accept reprints, as long as you own the rights.  We are happy to cross post from your blog. Since there is no financial compensation associated with writing for The Mic Movement, we actually encourage you to try to sell your piece before you place it here.

We are always interested in:

  • Submissions for our open series Travel Log, Looking Back
  • Discussions of race, pop culture, and identity in Germany
  • Coverage of the arts including but not limited to museum exhibits, film, music, dance and plays
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