Heard & Seen @ Dialogue Books

Dialogue Books just found a new home in Kruezberg, so now Berlin has 3 English Bookstores and  Dialogue is the only one that specializes in new books.

Their event Conflict & Writing was intriguing  because we seem to live in a time of constant crisis.  The authors were brilliant. Here are some take-away quotes I could not get on camera.

“Writing about a culture (that is not English-speaking) in English takes on an ambassadorial quality… ” Priya Basil

“Trying to understand what the bigger compensations of faith were that made the larger sacrifices worthwhile.” – unknown author from Australia that was added last minute

“You are the writer from the book? The holy book?” – drunk guy who poked his head in

Sorry for the shaky camera action and sound quality.  The place was packed so I was actively doing yoga poses in order stay in such a cramped position while filming.

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