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October 4, 2011

Heard & Seen @ Zion I

Zumbi of Zion I joins Deuce Eclipse and Berlin’s own Yarah Bravo to rock the mic with a freestyle in Berlin on September 28, 2011.

Remember that all that you are about to hear & see is freestyle which means spontaneously produced, non-memorized rhymes.  I’m just giving you 2 minutes but there was easily 20 minutes of fire-freestyle to be had at the concert.  I especially dig the verse by Yarah Bravo who proves that hip-hop lives in Berlin.

Look out for The Mic Movement interview of Zumbi and Deuce Eclipse.

Yarah Bravo

Deuce Eclipse

Zumbi of Zion I 

About the Author

Denise is a Guyanese-born, New York City raised, Berliner. She is a dreamer, writer, activist who sometimes bakes.



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