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January 30, 2013

Trailers & Teasers for Berlinale Blackness

I am really trying to be cool about this Berlinale thing but I don’t do cool very well.  I finally put together the Berlinale Blackness guide and organized myself to see each one of the movies in addition to some festival standouts and recommendations that I have been told not to miss.

But since amy daily meditation has not yet made me patient, I decided to internet stalk the movies that I intend on watching and found some great trailers and teasers that made me more excited to see the movies.

Kwaku Ananse seems lush and sensual and I look forward to the high production quality and cinematography. I fell in love with this trailer.


The Chair

THE CHAIR – TRAILER from Grainger David on Vimeo.

Samson & Delilah

Portrait of Jason

Tough Bond

TOUGH BOND: (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from Village Beat on Vimeo.

Satellite Boy

Trailer – SATELLITE BOY by Catriona McKenzie from Satellite Films on Vimeo.

Three Kids

Twa Timoun – Official trailer from Benjamin Morel on Vimeo.


Meine Freiheit, Deine Freiheit



POWERLESS – Teaser1 “Dark” from Maria Trieb on Vimeo.

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