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December 14, 2011

Blaze – The Dancers

Blaze – The Street Dance Show features dancers from around the world. Blaze has auditions in every country giving dancers the opportunity to be in a large-scale street dance production. Dancers bring an intense passion to the show and the rehearsals have a Fame quality. Here is a glimpse at three of them representing England, France & Germany

About the Author

Denise is a Guyanese-born, New York City raised, Berliner. She is a dreamer, writer, activist who sometimes bakes.



Murs & Fashawn

The Mic Movement caught up to Fashawn and Murs in Berlin at the Bohannon before they performed tracks from their album together, This Generation. They talk about their circumstances, inspirations, homophobia, growing up and man...
by denise



RonAmber is a stand-out poet. Her words stand alone and works of art but her understated delivery illuminates her work. When accompanied by a full band and the singing of Blaq Pearl magic occurs.
by denise


Blaq Pearl

Spending a sunny afternoon with Blaq Pearl in Berlin was like having a virtual visit to her home in South Africa. As she does with her poetry and song, she paints vivid pictures throughout the interview about what her life is ...
by denise